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Related post: Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2009 08:37:49 +0100 From: A.K. Subject: Ricardo russian boy site 11/14 (relationships)----------------------------RICARDO by Andrej Koymasky (C) 2009 written on on June 2, 2002 translated by the author English text kindly revised by Randhir-----------------------------USUAL DISCLAIMER"RICARDO" is russian incest pay sites a gay russian 05 story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.-----------------------------Chapter 11 - ALDO, THE PROFESSORAldo has two lovers at the same time - Rino, adult video sharing russian who is twenty-five, and Dallo, nineteen. He nearly kills himself trying to avoid each of them suspecting about the other. This also seems to amuse him, he who is such a serious French teacher at the Public High School. russian gay men He is the same age as Piero and they were school mates. Despite this russian porn mature they are very much dis-similar! I decidedly prefer Aldo, even though Piero is more handsome. Aldo isn't a beautiful guy, free sex in russian but he is an russian nakedgirls interesting chap. At times he also becomes hairy russian pussy fascinating.How could he find himself in that incredible mess in which he is now for fifteen months?The first one has been Rino, exactly two years ago. That is when I started to live with Ricardo, he met Rino. Or to better russian lolo pix say, he literally crashed into russian kid xxx Rino russian lesbian girls in a car accident. It was Aldo's fault, in spite of the fact that he drives quite carefully. Aldo told me that he was russian nude grils looking at a fantastic hunk, who was on the left pavement so he didn't notice that from his right was coming a biker russian underground incest who had happened to be Rino. Luckily none of them were driving too fast, and Rino was wearing a crash helmet.Rino was on the ground, his bike rather crumpled, Aldo's car suffered little damage and Aldo almost in panic. While a little crowd was gathering, Aldo got out his car. Rino was trying to stand up."Oh my god, how do you feel?" a pale Aldo asked him. "How thumbs russian free are you?""I was coming from your right!" protested Rino, a little stunned."Yes, yes, you are right, it's my fault, but how are you?" Aldo again asked him."Still in one piece, I hot russian redheads think, but my bike╔""That can be repaired, but are you russian pretten photos sure you are russian angels free galleries all right?""Where were you looking? Didn't you see me?""Of course I didn't see you. Listen, I'll call the breakdown truck for your bike, and then I'll take you to a hospital. I'm terribly sorry, believe me. My insurance russian tgp hair will comensate you completely." Aldo said, worried."MY bike, fucking hell!" the young man repeated, looking at lollitas russian kids it.Aldo persuaded him to go and sit in his car, called the 116 for the bike and he too sat in his car. "They are coming soon to take your bike. Meanwhile I'll drive you to the hospital.""No, I'll wait until they take my bike╔" Rino said and just then Aldo, a little calmed down, noticed how beautiful russian nudist photo old Rino was.He insisted, they discussed. They waited until the Auto-club russian couples service came russians girls naked fotos and took away the bike, and finally Aldo could take Rino to the hospital. They had Rino lie on a stretcher telling him to wait his turn. Aldo, at the young man's side, repeatedly told him how terribly sorry he was."Your insurance will really pay for everything?" the young man asked."Yes, surely, I will assume the full responsibility.""Of course, it has not been my fault! Where were you looking?""Elsewhere, unhappily╔"Aldo felt a desire to caress the body of that beautiful youth. His trousers, a little tight, let a glimse of a good size basket that attracted Aldo's look, so much that he wasn't aware that Rino noticed it."What are you looking at?" Rino asked him and Aldo blushed, looked russian weather reporter nude at him in the eyes, embarrassed, and read in them a cunning look.A nurse came to take Rino to the examination room - thanks to heaven he had no consequence."May I offer you something? At the bar I will give you all my data, and I'll write down yours╔" Aldo proposed.They went to a bar, exchanged their russian pic drunk data for the insurance, including the telephone numbers. Aldo apologised again several times. He offered to drive Rino to his place or wherever he wanted to go, but the young man thanked him and said it was all right if he left him there. Aldo said goodbye and russian katerina porn went back home, where he was going before the accident.Two days later, it was a Saturday afternoon, Aldo got a call - it was Rino. He told Aldo he needed to talk to him about the accident and asked him if he could go Xxx russian porn to his home for a brief encounter. Aldo accepted, even though, he assured him, all was right, he had already brought in person to his insurance the report 16yo nude russian of the russian illegal boys accident, as soon as he got out of the school."Ah, so you are a teacher. What freeporn russian do you russian slave trade teach?" Rino asked him when Aldo offered him a seat in his living room."French language.""That's a pity.""Why?""If it was English I would have asked you some lessons. For free, of course, to pay me back for the fright. Your insurance will not pay me for that." Rino said, with light irony."I'm sorry - if I can do something for you╔" erotic stories russian Aldo hesitantly said, thinking that possibly the young man was there to cadge with that pretext."Yes, you can possibly do something for fucking russian me." gay russian pissing Rino answered."Tell me, and if I can╔""Listen╔ wouldn't you give me a nice massage?""A╔ massage?""Yes, a massage. Since the days before yesterday I'm feeling an aching all over and╔ judging from how you were looking at me at the hospital, I would say that you would like giving me a nice massage. A nice intimate massage, I mean. Am I not right?"Aldo looked at him, asking himself if the young man was trying to blackmail him, russians soft pussy but how, and for what? But then he noticed that Rino was looking at him with a cheeky but not evil smile, cunning but not menacing."Would you like a nude russian angels massage?" Aldo asked, starting to understand."Yes, of course, but only if you feel like doing it, that's understood╔""With real pleasure." russian bambina nudist Aldo answered and the young man openly smiled. "If you want to come into the other room╔" he said and, starting to feel aroused, took him in his bedroom."It would be better if russian porno free I undress, won't it?" russian kids topless Rino asked."Yes, surely." Aldo answered.In a short while the both sex kids russian were naked on russian analsex the bed, "massaging" each other in a quite intimate way. Aldo felt totally conquered by Rino and by his way to make love."Was it so clear how I was looking at you at the hospital?" he asked him afterwards, while they were lying, still half embraced and satisfied."Yes, at least for me - you were undressing me with nudist club russian your eyes╔ and I like you - how old are russian boylove sites you?""Thirty-five. And you?""I'm twenty-three. You are good in bed, professor.""You too are.""Then, I can come again for some╔ massages?""As long as you still feel the aching╔" Aldo joked, feeling merry.Rino bent over him and played some more with Aldo's tongue, then said, sensually, "Why don't you give me another nice massage now, then? I'm still feeling an aching all over, you see╔" and they started again to make love, both again filled with desire.They met again on Sunday, then russians nude girl during the week. So they started to meet periodically and at times Rino also stayed over all the night long at Aldo's place.When I met Aldo, he told me he was falling in love with him, as Rino with him, but the young man could not go and live with him, as he would not know how to justify it to his family.Rino was a clerk in the prefect's office. He did the normal office hours and in the evening, before going back home, he often passed by Aldo's. They could spend together some of the Sundays, as Rino had to go often with his family to the countryside - they had a small vineyard they had to care for, and from which they were getting a good russian dancer erotical magazine in russian wine for the family needs.When we were all together, at times Rino said to Aldo, "I'm aching all over╔""Sorry, we have to go home╔" then Aldo nude russian kids pics said, understanding that kind of code facts about russian animals they used, and free russian dating services went to make love.They were together naked russian lol for about six months, when Aldo met Dallo. He was the older yung russian porno brother of one russian bathing suite babes of his pupils, and russian naturist images often went to the parents-teachers meetings russian sex vids on behalf of his parents who, free naked russian being illiterate, were ashamed to go. Aldo felt at once strongly attracted to Dallo, but he didn't suspect that the boy was also gay, and neither that Dallo was attracted by him. Dallo nude russian personals was in a similar predicament and it seemed a stalemate.But at times life has it's mysterious plans. Stefano once convinced Aldo to go with him to a gay sauna. Aldo wasn't russian kids fucking porn really russian school girls free so willing, he didn't like so much the ambience of gay saunas. He said that it was like going to the livestock russian babes gettin pounded market - everybody was unceasingly russian free pussy pics going around russian boys to check the exposed cattle, the goods for sale, being all, at the same time, buyers and goods╔ But Stefano insisted so much that Aldo accompanied him.He was feeling bored, he went to sit in the bar corner in russian thong girls pic a small armchair, reading a gay magazine, to discourage approaches. In fact he noticed that at the bar the cruising was less than in the other areas. And above all nobody fucked in there. angels nudes russians Aldo is not a puritanical man, all the contrary, but he russian daughter nude has a strong decency. Entering the sauna and seeing two men engrossed in a sixty-nine, while two russian ******** bath more men on the other seat looked at them, their cocks hard╔ disturbed him. Seeing in the showers a man fucking in the arse another, standing in the centre of the room, disturbed him╔He was reading, engrossed in an article, without looking around, when somebody touched his arm.Somewhat annoyed he raised his eyes and saw Dallo who was looking at him with russian girl showering a faint smile, "You too here, professor? This really is a nice surprise. May I sit here with you?" the boy asked.Aldo, somewhat embarrassed, nodded, "It's the first time I come here╔" he almost excused himself."So, you too are gay." Dallo said sitting near him and smiling him."Yes╔ but I never ever russian kid nudists dared to touch one of my students, believe me!" he felt his duty to state, feeling a critique hint in the boy's voice."Then I'm lucky not to be one of your pupils╔" Dallo said."What do you mean?" Aldo asked."Because I would like it a lot being touched naked russian pussy photos by you. I always came more than willingly to meet you at school, do you know? You are my type╔ But which is your type, professor?"Aldo, slightly ftp russian porn ill at ease but somewhat less worried, said, "You╔ you are my type."Dallo smiled, "May I call you by your name, professor? Does it bother you?""Not at all, on the contrary, please╔""You also have a really great body, even better than I could guess." Dallo said making his eyes run on his body. When he noticed that the towel that Aldo had around his hips was tenting up in front, he smiled and asked in a low voice, "I'm I doing you that effect, professor?"Aldo said, "We agreed to call each other by our names╔ Yes, I like you a lot."Dallo nodded, "But I don't like doing russian hardcore nude it here in the boxes and put on a show╔"Aldo free russians nudes said, "Me neither. You could come at my place - I live alone. But are you here by yourself?""Yes, and you, Aldo?""I too, or to better say, I'm here with a big tit russians porn sex russian gratis friend, but we are just friends, nothing more. So, would you like to come at my place?""More than willingly.""I just got to say goodbye to my friend, then we can dress and go. All right?""Yes, all right. I'll wait for you here at the bar."Aldo went to look for Stefano. small tittie russians He found him in the relax room, on all fours greedily licking the member of a handsome young man with a chocolate colour skin, who meanwhile was shoving a finger in old russian recipes his arse. A little embarrassed, Aldo excused himself and said to him goodbye."Did you pick up?" Stefano asked him."No," Aldo lied, "I just russians nude feel bored.""Not I. Look here what a nice steer amatuer russian I've found╔ and this is just a hors d'oeuvre. He will later russian boy tgp come to my place and stay for three days. He's an American marine, passing by. I'm sure that also Dario will appreciate him. Did you notice what spear he does have between his legs? It should be at least twenty-five centimetres long and almost ten in diameter! And I like him a lot - besides being beautiful he is all cock and no brain, a bull in heat╔ Oh, don't worry he doesn't understand a single word of Italian." he said to Aldo, then addressing his beautiful African American, he said, "You fuck me, darling?""Oh yes!" the other answered with a thirty-six teeth smile.As they got to Aldo's home, he and Dallo touched each other for the first time - they embraced and kissed. Aldo took him in russian voyeur photos his bedroom and they made love. They liked each other very much and decided to meet again. Finally they decided to be a steady couple. When Dallo would go to the school meetings he was of russian topless pics course very formal and russian naturism sex russian nude sites behaved like before, but in bed he was hot and uninhibited. And they fell in love with each other.Thus Aldo started to keep in with both sides, with Rino and Dallo, using all his wits to avoid them from discovering about each other.When he told us about this, Ricardo asked him, "But you, who are naked russian woman you in love with?""Both of them, and the more the story goes on, the less I feel able gay russian sex to make a choice.""But if you are really in love, how can do them such a thing?" Ricardo asked, unbelieving.I loved him for his incredulity."Do them, what?" Aldo asked."Aren't they naturism russian pictures in love with you?""Well╔ yes, sure╔""That's that! Sooner or later they will come to know, or else you will make your choice, isn't it so? Just guess tgp russian nude how much happy they will feel!" Ricardo said, severe."But what can I do?" Aldo answered, angelical.When we left Aldo's home, Ricardo asked me, "You would do russian clit so?""Of course no!""But if it happened, you would illegal russian fuck tell me, wouldn't you?""Of course I would tell you. But what would you like better, to know or not to know?""I would like better not to know, but I want you to tell russian sexy porn me." Ricardo said."What do you mean?""At least, as long as you say me nothing, I know that nothing happened, that I don't have to worry.""Oh, I see. Then I will tell you even russian lola modles before it happens.""Before?""Yes, if I would feel attracted to another one, I mean, before doing anything with him, at least you can help me."He smiled and simply said, "I free russian girl love you!"I then said him, "Aldo, anyway╔ he is not a bad man.""Yes, I believe you, but one can harm the others even without being bad. It's because I like him, after hairy russian chicks all, that I would like him not to act in that way. Moreover Aldo is clever, how can he not understand that╔" Ricardo said, thoughtful."The fact is that he russian password list started it as a game, and he found himself mixed up in that difficult situation." I justified him."But he already was with Rino, when he started it with Dallo. One doesn't play games if he's already committed; russian nude petite he should not. I know that at times it's easer to talk about seriousness than being serious. I also know that I have no right to judge him, and I am not judging him. I don't think he is a bad man, he is possibly just╔ nude free gallery russian somewhat immature, even though he is thirty-six." he said."But who is mature, and when one becomes mature? Am I mature?" I asked him.He looked at me very serious, and said, "You care about the others, therefore you're mature. You are able to forgive, and this also is to be mature. I'm not telling you that you are perfect; one never ends to grow up, hardcore russian sex as you always say. And I'm glad that you are not perfect.""Oh, really? And why are you glad?""Because if you were, you would frighten me - only God is perfect!"-----------------------------CONTINUES IN CHAPTER 12-----------------------------In my russian female nude photographs home page I've put some more of my stories. If someone wants to read them, the URL ishttp://andrejkoymasky.comIf you want to send me feed-back, or desire to help revising my russian smallest pussy English translations, so xxx russian top that I can put on-line more of my best russian whores stories in English please e-mail
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